Jeg vil bare fortælle at efter at have prøvet ALT, føler jeg, så har min frieserhingst ikke kløet sig siden dag 2!!

Frieseren har haft sommereksem i 14 år, i dag ser det ud som om at hårene begynder at gro på halen igen.

Der er også fremgang med min tinkerhingst som har muk på benene. Jeg bruger den også på min hund, som har været i behandling for næsemider og har kløet sig meget på snuden, det ser også ud til at virke der. Han klør sig dog ind imellem, men langt mindre end før.

Jeg håber at jeg denne gang har fundet det rigtige middel og at de alle bliver helt fine og raske igen. 

Mvh Annette





"My dog was like the first picture. Was at my wits ends. Watching him scratching and pulling is fur out in clumps. Thought what have I got to lose trying stinky. I was amazed how it worked instantly no scratching and within five days is fur was growing back. Absolutely amazing stuff. I bought a trial pack and will last ages as you only need the smallest amount. Highly recommend" Wendy Quinn





"These pictures were taken 10 days apart. Absolutely brilliant results, and my once poor little dog is back to his normal self. Thank you" Dawn Palmer 30 Mar 2017





Cerianne Lawrence's pictures showing her dog's feet using Stinky Stuff 2 weeks.




Min häst hade väldiga besvär av bett och hade stora bulor över hela kroppen, köpte ett sett av dessa produkter och har använt dom nu i ca 5 dagar. Nu har han nästan inga bulor och besvär  kvar kan varmt rekommendera detta!! Jennie Harrysson, 2. August 2016





"2 applications and regular maintenance. Well never be without this product. It's a miracle in a jar. So used to smell it doesn't even bother us." Penny Fisher Burnworth 11 April 2017





"Wow indeed amazing stuff!i dont want to trust it can be happend after one day (shampoo+stinky stuff and carrier oil+stinky stuff!) thank you people only one time and the results its amazing! me and kharma thank you from the bottoms of our ❤❤ " Lora Lora Lorik 1 April 2017





"Thought I'd share with you my experience with STINKY STUFF

I first got it for my trotter mare at the beginning of winter for her mud issues after reading all the good reviews about it, I was pleasantly surprised it worked and kept her mud issues under control, 

My cob has just come back from full loan a week and half ago with pretty bad mud issues (photo below) I first started putting antiseptic green gel on as so sore but I didn't see any improvement so switched to STINKY STUFF and within the week it's started to heal nicely, so I would really recommend to anyone thinking about trying it to give it ago!" Sarah Phipps 13 July 2016





"Hello, middle of may until the end of June every year without fail, my dog starts scratching. I thought I would try this out as I had nothing to lose. It managed his condition perfectly, I wish I had tried this 10 years ago!!" Anna Kington





"It fantastic worked miracles where all else failed in my Samoyed dog 2 weeks in the scabs are gone and her face fur has grown she is white again" Tina Marie Abrams




"I've used it on dogs and chickens as well as my horse. Can't recommend it highly enough. Fantastic product xxx" Clare Carter 11 July 2016





My name is Mrs Katharine Dean. I placed an order on Monday for your products and they arrived yesterday. I used the balm yesterday lunch time and then bathed my Labrador yesterday evening. Less that 24 hours after doing this. 

I can't believe he difference please see below. It is amazing and I can't thank you enough I really can't. 

From the first point of contact which was fab and getting fast delivery brilliant. Product is amazing and I am so pleased. 

Thank you to all of your team.

Pic 1 - Before this was yesterday

Pic 2 - This was this morning am

Thank you!!!!

Kind regards 

Katharine Dean





"Dear Stinky Stuff manufacturers

What an AMAZING product. Having spent thousands of pounds on products and bespoke itch rugs over the last few years (even considering having my boy PTS at one point)

I've found Stinky Stuff' - It's a flippin' miracle!!!!!!

It's mid July, the flies and midges are at their worst and my boy is out 24/7 with no rugs. I can actually ride him in the summer months!!

What an AMAZING product. It's given both me and my horse our summer back.

Thank you" V L Marshall 

"We use STINKY STUFF too it's ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, the horsey world needs to know just how good it is" Andy Martian 

STINKY STUFF dissolves into the skin oils, giving long term protection.





"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you guys.....from me and my boxer Sophie. Been battling itching and scratching for a while..lots other products etc etc... get the idea, and you clever clever peeps have created something that has given both Sophie relief and a second wind in life (she's nine soon and never been better since finding your product) hand on heart thank you from us both" Carol Goddard





"Can I just say how amazing this stuff is we were told us it would be over £200 to sort our rotties skin condition £35 later and the picture speaks for its self. Thank you so much stinky stuff it truly is amazing!!" Lynsey Varley




"I just want to say I massive thankyou to the people behind stinky stuff! You have done wonders with my dog who has itchy irritated skin to the point I was thinking the unthinkable, you have literally saved her life , thankyou so much on every level! ❤️" Arrian Beaugie




Vill tacka för en bra produkt. Köpt Stinky Stuff för att använda till min hunds tassar. Haft besvär över 1 år med klåda mellan tårna svårt att gå och allmänt nerstämd detta har gått i skov. 

Behandlad med kortisen utan verkan. 

Han är nu helt bra och springer i skog och mark lycklig. 

Claes-Göran, 21. september 2016




"Cannot praise this stuff enough has done wonders for my Tyson's back he was so red with patches that were so itchy ....I'd tried all sorts costing a fortune... nothing worked I've been using this on him for a couple of months now and as you can see the results are amazing.....thank you stinky stuff xx" Sharon Louth






"Scooby Doo has been lame for over 16 months but thanks to Stinky stuff is now back in work after 1 WEEK of treatment! We'd tried everything but this is brilliant! Thank you Stinky Stuff :)" Michelle Shelly Taylor




"It is a remarkable product for which I'm truly grateful. After just over a week of using it every day, our pony is rarely scratching, all his bold patches have new hair growth and all the scabs down his mane area have healed. I do believe it also serves to break the itching habit. I use it every couple of days now, he is definitely much more comfortable; as am I not having to listen to his scratching and feeling powerless to help. It does smell but it's not an offensive smell, it just takes a bit of getting used to! " Janes Barnes 12 July 2016



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